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Top Quality Natural Artist Linen Canvas For Sale:

Our art canvases are all made from top quality natrual linen with fine craftsmanship, which is the ideal choice for all oil painting artists. We can cut canvases into different sizes according to your actual requirements. Free samples are available for you to check our quality in person. If you are instersted on our artist linen canvas, please don't hesitate to contact with us. We will deliver samples to you by express delivery company soon.

Our email:  WhatsApp: 0086-18659200696

We look forward to hearing from you.

Regarding Natural Linen Art Canvas:

Linen canvas is strong and durable, and remains the preferred surface for oil painting artists. It is made from the fibres of the flax plant. If you want your painting to last for centuries, then a linen canvas is a sound investment. The threads that make up linen, known as the warp and weft threads, weigh the same, which means they are less prone to expansion or contraction due to moisture.

Linen canvas retains its natural oils, which helps to preserve the fibre’s flexibility and stops the linen canvas from going brittle. It is also regarded as having a more ‘natural’ weaved finish than cotton – a variety of textures and weights are available in both rough and smooth finishes.

Because of its strength linen canvas holds up to a heavy painting hand and does not become slack as easily as cotton canvas or chemical fiber canvas.

Due to the method of extracting, processing, and weaving the material for linen canvas, it tends to be priced considerably higher than cotton canvas.

1) No.1033 Art Canvas (Made from Natural Linen):

Artist Canvas For Sale

2) No.1066 Art Canvas (Made from Natural Linen):

Artist Canvas

3) No.1044 Art Canvas (Made from Natural Linen):

Natural Art Canvas

4) 1077 Natural Art Canvas (Made from Natural Linen):

Art Canvases For Sale

5) 1060 Natural Art Canvas (Made from Natural Linen):

Artist Canvas For Sale

6) 1080 Natural Art Canvas (Made from Natural Linen):

High Quality Art Canvas

Our warehouse of art canvases:

Art Canvas For Sale

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